In our world bad excuses dosen't exist. But we found that it's a thing.

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What if vegan butter could make people take care

of the planet by using their own bad excuses

We all know that cows are bad for the climate – se we asked people why they didn’t buy vegan butter. And the excuses wee endless.
So we created a butter with attitude – to argument against all the bad excuses for not taking care of the planet. And we called it BUT…

A cool Activation

We made a difference where people damage the most. In their plane seat.
On every flight, ever flown, buns have been served. With butter. So to do our part in the aviation industry –
we created the Butterknife as an activation and product extension. With this little wonder you only need two hands.
One for the bun and one for the knife – compared to the old school plastic knife, plastic butter container and bun.
Which has always been tricky.

so what about SoMe

so what about SoMe

On social media some people are saying things they shouldn’t. We decided to call those people out on their excuses
and argue against them in our feed. Each excuse will be printed on the BUT… packaging and sold in a store near you,
so you can buy it to show the world that you don’t accept any bad excuses.

Quite Close

See how Chris builds his own future in the bottom. And enjoy the campaign.